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Dr Kelly criticises attitude to alcohol


Ciara Kelly

Ciara Kelly

Ciara Kelly


Greystones GP and 'Operation Transformation' doctor Ciara Kelly has spoken about her criticism of leader Eilish on last week's programme.

Dr Kelly has been criticised herself for being too harsh on Eilish, who went to the races, had some drinks, and fell short of her two-pound goal by one pound.

Dr Kelly said that while she respects Eilish and the other leaders for putting themselves out there, our view of alcohol in this country is unhealthy. 'I felt I had no option but to show my utter dismay at seeing one of our leaders go drinking,' she wrote in the Sunday Independent. 'I felt that to not deal with the subject would've been irresponsible of me.

'This week was an abomination and I was embarrassed for you and I was disgusted to see you, you let the programme down,' Dr Kelly told Eilish Kavanagh (47.) The programme continues on RTE tonight (Wednesday) and Thursday.