Friday 15 December 2017

DPP's decision to appeal O'Brien sentence welcomed

Rape crisis centre say decision is positive

Patrick O'Brien. Photo: Courtpix
Patrick O'Brien. Photo: Courtpix

The decision by the Director of Public Prosecutions to appeal the sentence handed down by Mr. Justice Paul Carney in the case of Bray man and convicted rapist Patrick O'Brien was welcomed by the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

Ellen O'Malley-Dunlop, Chief Executive of DRCC said: 'Fiona Doyle's name is now familiar to us all but in particular to victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Her courage and generosity of waiving her right to anonymity to encourage others to stay the course of the criminal justice system, has given other victims hope of justice and courage for them to report the heinous crimes committed against them.

Perpetrators of these crimes have acted with impunity for far too long and this has to stop. Fiona Doyle's courage and actions will have far reaching positive affects for all of Irish society and we owe her a great debt of gratitude.

'For her, the amount of time served by her father mattered. The 12 year sentence handed down by Justice Paul Carney indicated the seriousness of the crimes committed against her as a child, however having nine years suspended was very upsetting for Fiona Doyle and not an encouraging message for others who had similar experiences.

'The DPP's decision to appeal the sentence to the Court of Criminal Appeal is a very positive decision for other victims. It will also have far reaching positive affects for the safety of Irish Society. It sends a message to perpetrators of these crimes that they will be punished appropriately.'

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