Sunday 21 July 2019

Disgust at dumping of fish and meat at woodland

Ballydonagh Lane in Delgany.
Ballydonagh Lane in Delgany.

The council has cleaned up some waste which was dumped in the Ballydonagh Lane area of Delgany.

A dog walker reported the waste when her dogs got into the bags. She was concerned for their health and had them checked at the vet. The animals were fine and had not been adversely affected. There were a number of bags dumped at the site which contained raw sausages, fish heads, smoked fish and other waste.

The environment section of Wicklow County Council said that there was no evidence of who had dumped the items and confirmed that they had cleared it away.

'It is really frustrating to see so much dumping in our locality,' said Cllr Jennifer Whitmore. 'In this instance, not only was it unsightly but also a health risk, as there were dead fish carcasses in what was dumped.

'The staff of the environment section and those involved in the Pure Mile, do a great job in getting to reported dumps as soon as possible. In some cases, they are able to prosecute if they find evidence of ownership within the dumped material. Unfortunately, this time there was no way of knowing who dumped the rubbish. I know many people are doing spring cleans in their homes at the moment, and I would ask that people make sure that whoever they pay to remove the waste is properly registered.'

Anyone who sees any signs of dumping can contact the litter line on 1890 54 88 37 to report it.

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