Monday 20 November 2017

Darragh out of special school due to HSE cuts

'All my family support is here so it's not something we really want to do. We moved back home just after Darragh was born to be near family.

'It's so unjust that parents have to do all this fighting for children who are so vulnerable. I'm not giving up hope but I've been pushed closer to the brink than ever before. It's so overwhelming. All I can see is a lifelong battle for services.

'We're trying to deal with the grief and strain of his new condition and being told he may never leave special needs school and now we are no idea what's happening in September.

Aoife said Darragh, who is three and a half, doesn't speak, can't eat from a spoon and can't currently be potty trained. She said he had 'had a burst of development' in the last three months while at Avalon but said for six months prior to that couldn't interact with the services because of his difficulties adjusting to a new routine.

'Darragh has a transitioning problem so moving him anywhere else, that's if anyone will take him with both his needs and at this late notice, is going to set him back significantly. I'm so disheartened. Before he left Avalon at the summer we were told the next 12 months would be crucial and then we were told he can't go back because of cuts. At the moment we have no idea what's going to happen when school resumes in four weeks time. We're totally in limbo.'

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