Tuesday 22 October 2019

Crinken kids raise €3k for 'Fields of Life'


THE LIVES of people living in four villages in a remote area of northern Uganda have literally been transformed thanks to the efforts of a group of 10-year-old children from Crinken Church in Bray.

The Champions of Hope initiative organised by the children has raised the €3000 needed for a well providing fresh water to be drilled by the faith based charity Fields of Life.

Crinken Church's 10 year old Champions of Hope first burst into action in 2011 when they managed to raise enough money to fund the drilling of two wells by Fields of Life. They have repeated their fundraising efforts in 2012 raising money by washing cars, organising bake sales, participating in sponsored runs and running a mini market that itself raised more than €1200. Most impressively the 10 year olds have donated their own money raised by giving up something particularly important to them over the Lenten period.

More than one billion people in the developing world have no safe drinking water, or water for washing their food, hands and utensils before eating. The crisis is worst in sub-saharan Africa, where 2 in 5 people lack safe water. A baby there is almost 520 times more likely to die from diarrhoea than one born in Europe. Improving access to clean water and sanitation dramatically reduces illness and death - a clean water supply reduces diarrhoea-related death by up to 25 per cent.

Last Sunday the children the mile from Shankill village to Crinken Church carrying bottles of water to symbolise the plight of Ugandan children who face treks of up to 10 kilometres daily to fetch water that is often contaminated. They then presented a cheque to Richard Spratt, CEO of Fields of Life.

'It is amazing and very inspiring to see what a group of 10 year old kids have achieved and particularly the personal sacrifices they have been prepared to make.'

' Their efforts have literally transformed the lives of 150 households in four villages, in one of the poorest areas on the face of the planet,' said Trevor Stevenson, founder of Fields of Life and now Rector of Crinken Church.

The goal of Fields of Life is to drill 1,000 wells by 2019, with the aim of bringing safe, clean water to 1 million people.