Thursday 14 December 2017

Cricket and hockey may be played in park

A SUGGESTION that the town's cricket and hockey grounds be located within the harbour was mooted at last Tuesday's meeting of Greystones Town Council.

Cllr. Grainne McLoughlin called on 'Wicklow County Council to consider allowing the Greystones Cricket Club and Greystones Hockey Club to have a new home on a part of the park that has been allocated as public space in the North Beach Area within the harbour development. This arrangement has been used by many clubs as part of public parks throughout Dublin and country wide.'

She said while the plan for the park at the North Beach development was for a passive park she felt an active open space would also work. She said she would like to see the possibility explored and suggested looking at a five or ten year lease.

Director of Services Sean Quirke said the park would be maintained by Sispar so that would be a consideration to any club development.

Cllr. Stephen Stokes also pointed out the dangers of a cricket ball in flight and said a very large area would need to be cordoned off to ensure safe play.

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