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Concerns after sick 'Satanic' altar found

Fears that 'Satanic' rituals are being practised in Glencree near Enniskerry were raised last week after walkers discovered a shrine made up of animal organs and candles.

The shrine, which consisted of four candles set in a quandrant and five animal hearts in the shape of a cross, was stumbled upon by two horrified walkers on Thursday evening.

'On the right hand side of it there was something that looked like a liver. I couldn't actually say what type of animal they were from but they were quite large,' said the walker, who asked to remain anonymous.

'It was weird. Disgusting,' he said, adding that he came across the scene while out for an afternoon stroll.

'It was the day before Friday the 13th. Maybe someone was setting them up for a ritual,' he said.

The shrine was found just a few miles from Enniskerry, where last year the mutilated carcass of a dog was found after, what was believed to be, a satanic ritual.

A Garda spokesperson said that they had received a report about the presence of a makeshift altar last week, however, they are not investigating the matter.