Wednesday 22 November 2017

Concerns about parking cones outside Bank of Ireland

CONCERNS previously raised about the Greystones branch of Bank of Ireland using traffic cones a number of mornings a week outside their premises were dealt with at last Tuesday's meeting of Greystones Joint Policing Committee.

Cllr. George Jones and Cllr. Ciaran Hayden had previously raised the matter and Cllr. Jones said a number of parking spaces outside the bank were blocked off a number of mornings a week.

Cllr. Hayden had said ' the Bank of Ireland has for many years blocked off three parking spaces on the busy main street to facilitate money deliveries. This causes a huge inconvenience to shoppers and shop owners alike.

' The bank has the use of Garda cones to facilitate the closure of the much needed parking spaces. On the 12th of August the King of Greystones Triathlon Charity had to pay Wicklow County Council to reserve spaces in the South Beach Car Park. Business owners on Church Road pay Wicklow County Council €100 per annum to reserve a space in Car Parks like Trafalgar Road which is quite a distance from the busy town centre area. Shoppers pay €1 per hour to park on Church Road.'

Cllr. Hayden said ' the Bank of Ireland has two reserved parking spaces at the rear of its premises with access from the Meridian Centre - why can they not bring their money in that way?'

Superintendent Pat Ward said the gardai gave the bank the use of the traffic cones to facilitate its money deliveries.

He said it's not possible to make deliveries via the rear of the premises saying there was a concern with security.

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