Friday 24 May 2019

Commuters invited to take part in survey

Deborah Coleman

The experiences of Wicklow commuters are to be recorded as part of a new survey being conducted by Wicklow County Council.

Currently in excess of 5,000 surveys have been completed, by workers and students.

The survey asks participants about all aspects of commuting, including how long they spend on the road each day, where their destination is and which mode of transport they use.

The survey is being promoted by Wicklow County Council, local Town Teams and Chambers of Commerce and it is hoped that the project could have a far-reaching and positive effect on commuters.

Statistics show that 21,000 people commute to work from County Wicklow each day. This is only 10,000 less than the number of people who actually work in County Wicklow.

Greystones/Delgany and Blessington show the highest levels of residents commuting at 88 per cent and 84 per cent respectively. The majority of Wicklow commuters travel to South County Dublin and Dublin City.

A 2006 commuter survey indicated that people would be willing to work for less pay if they could enjoy a better quality of life.

Wicklow County Council has appointed Gamma Consultants to carry out the survey, which runs until Monday, November 19.

The results, combined with the latest CSO data, will give an indication of the current level of commuting and the opinion of those commuters.

Armed with this information, the council will develop proposals to encourage provision of facilities such as enterprise hubs, co-working spaces and second sites to attract further investment into the county.

One of the aims of the survey is to establish where Wicklow people are commuting to, what skillsets they possess, and what level of educational attainment they have. Another objective is to reduce carbon emissions created by increased commuting levels and to become more environmentally friendly.

The ultimate aim will be to enhance the quality of life for the people of Wicklow through a reduction in commuting, a better work/life balance and the provision of local employment.

The results of the commuter survey will also be included in marketing material for the promotion of Wicklow as an ideal location for business.

'This is a countywide survey and we want as many Wicklow commuters as possible to participate. Just a few minutes of your time could help to develop plans to reduce commuting, congestion and delays and create more locally based employment opportunities', said Frank Curran, Chief Executive of Wicklow County Council.

Log on to for more details and to complete the survey.

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