Monday 17 June 2019

Cobweb home safe after post-Christmas adventure

Cobweb the lurcher back at home in Greystones with his owner, Philip Beck
Cobweb the lurcher back at home in Greystones with his owner, Philip Beck

Mary Fogarty

Cobweb the Lurcher had a little adventure in the few days following Christmas, but, contrary to some reports, his owner doesn't think he left Greystones.

While Cobweb was missing, a dog of that description was seen on the Dart as far away as Killbarrack, but since Cobweb was ultimately found in the Greystones Golf Club area, it may have been a different dog.

'He actually never left Greystones in the end,' said owner Philip Beck.

Philip has had Cobweb, a rescue dog, for around two months. The dog is quite timid, particularly around strangers. He got startled on St Stephen's Day on the Cliff Walk and ran off.

Philip has been astounded at how helpful people were during the couple of days the dog was gone.

'He was holed up in bushes, there isn't a scratch on him,' said Philip, adding that Cobweb seems delighted to be home.

Philip's daughter posted a photo of the dog on Facebook, including numerous local forums and animal-related pages, and explained what had happened. There was a huge response and numerous sightings as Cobweb made his way around Greystones. He was seen along Windgates, near the Beach House, and other locations before he eventually came home on Friday.

It was a lady living near the golf course who helped with Cobweb's return, having spotted him in her garden.

She put food out to keep him near and contacted Philip. 'I got hold of John Duffy, dog catcher and dog whisperer,' said Philip.

They were setting a trap on the lawn using warm chicken when Cobweb turned up.

'I had received wonderful training with Wonderpaws, that when you call the dog, turn and walk away and the dog will follow you. If you walk towards them, they are more likely to run away.

'He skidded across the lawn and came straight to me,' said Philip, who rewarded Cobweb with the aforementioned warm chicken.

Philip recommends having a very clear photograph of your dog available, and advised getting the word out quickly via Facebook, vets, even the Coast Guard, if your own dog goes missing.

'It's been quite a trial,' said Philip, who is relieved to have his pal back at home.

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