Friday 19 July 2019

Cliff walk remains closed due to unstable rock above

Public urged to heed signs at Cliff Walk
Public urged to heed signs at Cliff Walk

The cliff walk from Bray to Greystones remains closed following the recent fall of rocks.

A contractor has assessed the unstable rock over the walkway. The work required to stabilise the rock face can't be carried out until the end of this week.

David Forde, district administrator of Bray Municipal District, said that the unstable rock is about 1.5km south of Bray.

'The public are requested to avoid this section of the walk until it can be made safe,' said Mr Forde.

The landslide occurred the weekend before last, with boulders coming down onto the path. Rocks which fell were cleared, but there are still about five tonnes of unstable rock about four metres above the path, which can come down at any time.

A portion of the walk was previously closed for a week last March due to a landslide. In that instance, a portion of the walk fell to the beach below.

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