Sunday 19 November 2017

Claire cuts off her locks for charity

Bray teenager Claire Butler got her long hair cut in Peter Marks recently so that she could give it to 'The Little Princess Trust.'

The Little Princess Trust is a charity which provides real hair wigs for children suffering hair loss.

To make a wig they just need seven inches of hair. 'My hair reached the bottom of my back so I knew I had more than enough hair to give,' said Claire, who is 16.

'In the salon that morning with my mum and friend their for moral support my hair was tied in to a pony tail and then the pony tail was chopped,' she said.

Afterwards she measured the length of her cut-off hair and it turned out to be 16 inches long.

She then had to package up the hair and post it off to the Little Princess Trust in the UK.

'I was excited, not about my new hair style but about what would happen with the hair I had given,' said Claire, who had been growing her hair for more than two years and loved having it long.

'I thought about how devastated I would feel if someone told me I had no choice but to loose my hair and I wanted to be able to help people in that situation,' she said.

For more information on the trust go to

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