Thursday 17 October 2019

Children march for action on climate

Nura McLoughlin
Nura McLoughlin
The climate action march makes its way through Burnaby Park in Greystones on Friday. Photos by Barbara Flynn

Hundreds of children gathered in Greystones last Friday afternoon to march on the municipal district offices for the climate change campaign.

Around 500 people, primarily children with parents along to supervise, converged in Burnaby Park.

They all had posters which they had made in school. They started off chanting to get the energy going, then walked down in procession to the offices of Greystones Municipal District. The crowd was mostly composed of primary school children.

There, they presented their demands and posters to some of the councillors.

Green Party election candidate Lourda Scott said that it was really energising and motivating.

She said that the children had been learning about climate change in school and are extremely knowledgeable about the subjec.t

'For adults it was very encouraging and hopeful to see the passion from primary school children,' said Lourda.

This was part of the global #SchoolStrike4Climate campaign, inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

Children all over the country held protests, marches, and many made their way in to Dáil Eireann to demand action.

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