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Buff, tough wrestlers wow Wolfe Tone mob



IT'S SUNDAY EVENING. Most people my age are in the pub draining every last bit of joy out of the weekend.

Most people my age are in the pub draining every last bit of joy out of the weekend before embarking on another arduous week of work/college/watching Jeremy Kyle. I, however, am in Wolfe Tone Youth Club surrounded by a mix of people of all ages. The one thing they do share is a passion for wrestling.

At the turn of the millennium, wrestling was all the rage. Up and down playgrounds throughout the country the age old question of who was better; The Rock or Stone Cold, was debated day after day after day.

It's the latter day equivalent of the Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo affair. (The Rock and Messi respectively, if you're asking).

But back to tonight. These fans have a reason to be excited they tell me. Tonight sees local superstar Fergal Devitt, who has been turning heads in Japan for several years, return to where it all began.

He's set to participate in the main event. It's like Robbie Keane lining out for Bray Wanderers, except in this scenario Keane has the body of a God and doesn't have that ridiculous accent.

I'm disrupted from my deep and ever so meaningful thoughts by George Thorogood's ' Bad to the Bone'. This signals the arrival of Omen, Bonesaw and Kev Mcdermott, who are to take on Philly the Kid, Deadbones Dawkins and Anthony Idol in the opening match, which was a six-man tag match.

The muscularly-challenged Mcdermott finished the match on the wrong end of a perfectly-executed Senton Bomb from Idol which left the former out for the count.

No Limit Wrestling World Champion Delicious Dunky D was next up on the bill. He issued an open challenge which Sammy D accepted.

The devilishly handsome champion had nothing to worry about though because after a valiant effort from Sammy D, a vicious power-bomb ended his challenger's hopes.

The tag team titles were next up for decision. Reigning champions Team Mega were unable to defend their crown due to an injury to Justin Shape, so Paul Riley and Mr. Vain (AKA The Handsome Devils) were set to square off against D-max and B- Cool to decide the titles' destination.

But Gary Butler, the remaining member of Team Mega, bravely opted to defend the belts by himself and he went on to successfully do so, slamming BCool to the mat with a Jackhammer for the 1-2-3.

All these buff, attractive men were all good and well for the ladies amongst us, but what of us men?

Well, heaven had an answer and it came in the form of a ladies' single match.

The stunning Katey Harvey took on the equally lovely Lucy Lassoo in an entertaining bout that was won by Harvey.

The saucy little minx hairsprayed the referee before throwing powder in her opponent's eyes and she then showed she was more than just a pretty face as she slammed Lucy to the floor to pick up the win.

Next up was the moment we'd all been waiting for as Devitt made his entrance alongside Robbie Morrisey. They took on Jordan Devlin and Paddy ' The Suicide Machine' Morrow in a tag match.

But it proved to be an unhappy homecoming for Devitt who saw his partner pinned by Devlin after the youngster had landed a superb moonsault on him.

With that, the evening was done and people scampered off into the night.

And I was a little disappointed, because I actually enjoyed myself ( but let's keep that between me and you).

And I will be going back. Maybe next time I'll see you there.

Should you be interested in becoming the next John Cena or Randy Orton, then why not partake in Bray's very own wrestling school. It is called Fight Factory Pro Wrestling and training is on every Wednesday evening from 7p.m. to 9 p.m. and every Sunday afternoon from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, contact (085) 7356972 or email