Sunday 24 March 2019

Bray woman warns about rogue roofers after being scammed

A Bray woman has warned householders to be vigilant, after what she says were rogue roofers did not complete a job at her house.

The lady, who would prefer not to be named, looked the company up online as the roof of her utility roof is leaking.

'I had no reason to suspect them,' she said. 'But I have checked their address in Bray. They are not there and nobody nearby has ever heard of them.'

The woman said that the perspex roof had been letting in water to the utility room. While the workmen were there, purporting to fix the leak, they said that there was further work required to the roof.

The bill was almost €2,000. When the woman tried to pay that by cheque, they said that they would only accept cash. 'My friend cashed a cheque for me,' said the woman. After they left the site, it emerged that the utility was still leaking.

She added that it had been difficult to get work done, but this company came straight away. It has been around two weeks since they left the site. Someone has answered the phone a couple of times, and said they will be back.

'They haven't been back, and now they've stopped answering the phone,' she said.

'I did report it to the gardaí, just to have it on the record, but they said that this is a civil matter,' said the woman.

A garda spokesman said that would be the case. However, he advised homeowners to ask what other work a tradesman may have completed, or take recommendations from friends and neighbours or even insurance companies.

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