Monday 19 February 2018

Bowling team plans facelift for clubhouse

BRAY'S lawn bowling club is a lively club with a healthy membership of around 90 members and it is located at Failte Park.

They received funding approval of €60,000 which will be used to do up the club house. Club president Aidan Galvin said that the upgrade is badly needed as the facility was built in 1964.

As they approach their 50th anniversary celebrations, this grant is a very welcome boon.

Aidan explained that in the grant application they stated what they wanted the money for and are very thankful that their application was successful.

The club recently replaced the green at their Filte Park grounds and now can play in all weathers. They also removed thick hedgerows around the perimeter, so now the players can be seen enjoying their bowling by passers by.

Aidan explained that the foliage had to be removed as the roots would have damaged the new playing area.

While the upgrade plans for the clubhouse have yet to be fully finalised, one of the aims is to perhaps have an area for members to play indoors in the winter.

The new green came from a grant, with some of the money paid by members themselves.

Aidan said that the club has a wonderful ladies' section, with international players Phyllis Brett, Jean Kane and Breda Keogh members of the Irish team.

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