Wednesday 21 August 2019

Bones found at Greenstar were medical specimens

Mary Fogarty

Human bones found at the Greenstar plant in Bray had been accidentally taken there by a doctor.

A skull and some other bones were discovered at Greenstar last Wednesday, July 3.

Gardai examined the scene and after investigation they learned that a doctor who owned them had been doing a clear-out and brought the wrong box to Greenstar.

The bones were among historical items which had been used for teaching in the past.

The doctor had boxed them up and inadvertently included that box along with items which he intended to dispose of.

He was seen on CCTV bringing the items to the recycling plant in a trailer.

Gardai in Bray confirmed that the disposal of the medical specimen was accidental, and that the items have been returned to their owner.

They said that the incident is not the subject of a criminal investigation.

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