Tuesday 20 February 2018

Ballynagran objectors apply for a High Court injunction


The Ballynagran dump controversy became a High Court issue this week when a group of residents asked the court to direct Wicklow Co Council to give them documents concerning the original assessment made on the site.

And they were granted an injunction for a week pending a full hearing and preventing the council from carrying out work on the Environmental Impact Statement in the interim. All full hearing will take place on or before Monday next.

Mr. Dieter Clissman, on behalf of the group, said that submissions that the public want to make would be pointless without copies of the reports carried out by a group of consultants for the council. He claimed that the local authority was not prepared to make copies of the reports available in a way that was non-restrictive for the type of analysis and expert advice that the people wanted.

Mr. Philip O'Sullivan, SC for the applicants, said that his clients were entitled to see the documents under a European Commission directive of June 1990.

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