Friday 20 July 2018

Application for off-licence at the Strand Hotel

The Strand Hotel.
The Strand Hotel.

Mary Fogarty

A planning application for the Strand Hotel in Bray is seeking permission to build on an off-licence at the prominent seaside property

The application was made by David Cao on March 7, with a decision due on May 1.

The deadline for submissions to Wicklow County Council was close of business yesterday (Tuesday, April 10).

The application is seeking a 14 square metre ground floor extension to the front of the building, with provision for a new off-licence in the new extension and part of existing building.

The application also seeks a new shop front with new entrances serving the new portion and existing lounge.

Cllr Steven Matthews has made a submission opposing the addition of an off-licence at the Strand.

'I think it would lead to an increase in drinking, litter and possibly anti-social behaviour on our seafront,' he said.

'The Strand Hotel is a protected structure listed in the Bray Town Development Plan,' said Cllr Matthews in his submission to the council. 'Any proposed development or alteration to this structure must comply with the current town plan policy.'

He believes that the works applied for would not be consistent with council policy.

'The development of an off-licence premises is unnecessary at this location,' he said. 'There is ample opportunity on Strand Road for residents and visitors to avail of alcohol at licensed premises, wine bars and restaurants.'

He said that there are 'four or five' off-licences already within walking distance at Vevay Road and Quinsboro Road.

The Strand closed in January 2017 following its sale after the death of former owner Gary Cafferkey. This application has been made by new owners.

The premises is a former residence of Oscar Wilde.

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