Wednesday 22 November 2017

All about positioning for 'poster boys' hoping to secure local vote

Posters of Kieran Hartley
Posters of Kieran Hartley

The sight of election posters across the Garden County is once again a familiar one with less than a month left to go before polling day.

Europe hopeful Simon Harris TD didn't miss a beat in covering Wicklow and neighbouring counties including Wexford with almost a poster on every pole and where these quantities are concerned it is not surprising that at least one ended the wrong way up.

The fresh faced youngster's image appears on a strikingly vast number of posters across the region so perhaps an upside down version was designed to shake things up a bit for passing motorists on the Dublin Road on the outskirts of Arklow. Upside down or not Harris' posters are placed well out of the reach of sneaky dogs inclined to mark their territory but the same cannot be said for Fianna Fáil's Kieran Hartley.

Also a candidate for Europe, Hartley might need to have a word with his team if they keep placing his posters so low down on poles.

This one barely lasted a few days before it went missing but at this stage there is no indication that any dogs were involved.

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