Sunday 18 March 2018

A world first for young inventor

June 1985

A unique micro-electronics device which enables traders to check out credit cards at the press of a button has won a top award for its Bray inventor.

The prestigious Hewlett-Packard Award for Innovation in Electronics went to fourth year TCD student John MaGuire of Novara Avenue who won a personal computer valued at almost £7,000.

And already John has plans to market his invention which is a world first. He has patented the unit and hopes to have it in production by the end of the year.

'If a trader currently wants to check the validity of a credit card he must either consult a "hot list" of lost or stolen cards or else make a phone call to make sure it's okay,' said John. 'With my invention he is now spared the time and expense of a phone call and the embarrassment of checking a hot list in front of a customer. All he has to do is insert the card in the unit and it will be electronically verified in seconds.'

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