Saturday 17 March 2018

A Road to Damascus-like conversion

The Wicklow Fianna Fáil constituency unit has officially welcomed Stephen Donnelly, calling the move a 'road to Damascus-like conversion'.

Cathaoirleach of the unit Malachaí Duddy assured voters in a statement 'that their social democratic principles are secure with Fianna Fáil'.

He said that in the words of former Fianna Fáil taoiseach Jack Lynch, 'the soul of Fianna Fáil is anti-partition. To be in Fianna Fáil you must have a republican outlook in its broadest conception. One must also have a very strong social sense, the desire to represent the broadest political spectrum of the Irish people.'

The party said in their statement that 'Fianna Fáil membership demands a complete commitment to the national interest, full subscription to the aims of Fianna Fáil, the Republican Party, and dedication to the Fianna Fáil electorate. This requires Deputy Donnelly to eschew all ties so that he is in a position to come to Fianna Fáil unencumbered politically and with clean hands.'

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