Monday 11 December 2017

A resounding 'No'

Irene Allen and the other tallymen get to work at the referendum count centre at Shoreline, Greystones
Irene Allen and the other tallymen get to work at the referendum count centre at Shoreline, Greystones

Esther Hayden

Wicklow returned one of the highest No votes in the country in last Friday's Seanad Abolition referendum and also one of the highest turnouts.

With a turnout of 45 per cent Wicklow had the fourth highest turnout nationally beaten only by Dublin North Central (48.2 per cent), Dun Laoghaire (46.2 per cent) and Dublin South (46 per cent).

The lowest turnout nationally was in the constituency of Donegal North East when just 29.2 per cent of the electorate came out to cast their vote.

With 57.8 per cent of Wicklow voters voting against abolishing the Seanad, Wicklow had the third highest No vote in the country trailing behind Dublin South East (61.3 per cent) and Dublin Central (57.9 per cent).

In fact Wicklow and Kildare South were the only two non-Dublin constituencies to feature in the top 10 highest No vote, joined by Dublin West, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin South Central, Dublin Mid West and Dublin North West.

The Yes vote in Wicklow of 42.2 per cent was the third lowest Yes vote nationally and was beaten only by Dublin Central which returned a Yes vote of 42.1 per cent and Dublin South East of 38.7 per cent.

Wicklow had a total electoral of 94,932 with only 42, 715 votes casting their vote. 377 votes were deemed invalid giving a valid poll of 42,338.

Of these 17,857 voted in favour of abolishing the Seanad while 24,481 voted against.

Wicklow also voted in favour of establishing a new Court of Appeal with a whopping 66.22 per cent voting in favour.

Almost 100 voters didn't cast their vote in the Seanad referendum, choosing only to vote in the Court of Appeal referendum with Wicklow having a total poll of 42,808 compared to 42,715 in the Seanad referendum.

However there was a higher number of spoilt votes in the Court of Appeal referendum, with 586 votes spoilt leading to a lower valid poll of 42,222.

There was a turnout of 45.09 per cent and 27,958 (66.22 per cent) voting in favour of establishing the Court while 14,264 (33.78) voted against.

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