Friday 24 May 2019

1,604 Wicklow students to receive exam results

Deborah Coleman

A total of 1,604 students will receive their Leaving Certificates results this morning in County Wicklow, 817 male and 787 female.

Eighty-three pupils sat the Leaving Certificate Applied this year - 47 male and 36 female.

Schools across the county will be handing out results from early morning ahead of the midday release of the results online.

This year sees the first examination in the Leaving Certificate subject Politics and Society, with 867 candidates in 41 schools receiving their results this morning. 2018 also sees changed assessment arrangements in Leaving Certificate Art.

While there has been no change in the subject specification, a new assessment framework has been introduced. Two of the previous four components of the Leaving Certificate Art examination were replaced with a single coursework component.

The Imaginative Composition or Still Life component and the Craft or Design component were executed as coursework by students over an extended period of time and were no longer taken as standalone examination sessions in May. Instead of producing artefacts in invigilated examinations over a short space of time, candidates develop and make their work over 12 weeks in their classroom using a Coursework workbook issued by the SEC.

Students this year are reminded that due to new data protection legislation, which could cause a 90 day waiting period to access copies of scripts, the only opportunity to view papers ahead of the appeal application is at the viewing sessions in their schools on August 31 and September 1.

Under a new initiative this year, candidates viewing scripts are allowed to bring a mobile phone, tablet or digital camera with them to the viewing session in order to make a copy of their own script(s).

Candidates do not need to have viewed their script to make an appeal but anyone considering an appeal is strongly advised to view their scripts first. As in previous years, candidates must attend the viewing session themselves, accompanied by a person of their choice, and, this year, can bring a mobile phone, tablet or digital camera with them to the viewing session in order to make a copy of their own scripts.

The closing date for receipt of completed application forms in schools is Tuesday, August 21. External candidates should follow the instructions that accompany their provisional statement of results.

Meanwhile, the ASTI has encouraged pupils to consider all their options once they receive their results.

'It is important to keep things in perspective over the coming days,' said ASTI president Breda Lynch. 'Whatever set of results you hold in your hands tomorrow, you have options. There are many ways for you to pursue your interests. Keep calm, talk to others, and seek advice if necessary so that you can make a considered choice,' she said.

In Arklow, principal of Arklow CBS, Peter Somers said that students should always take the opportunity to view their scripts and to wait until they receive their first offer before they make any decision.

Guidance counselling will be available to students this year through the NPCpp helpline sponsored by the Irish Independent and the Department of Education and Skills.

The Helpline is manned by qualified, professional and very experienced guidance counsellors. To speak to a guidance counsellor call 1800 265 165.

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