Sunday 8 December 2019

New Netflix series set for Ashford Studios

Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) from the original series of‘Vikings’
Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) from the original series of‘Vikings’

Myles Buchanan

Netflix has commissioned a spin-off of the popular TV show 'Vikings', which will be filmed at Ashford Studios.

Filming of 'Vikings' finished last year after six seasons in Ashford - the last of which will start airing next month.

The new saga begins 100 years after the original series concludes and dramatises the adventures of the most famous Vikings who ever lived - Leif Erickon, Freydis, Harald Harada and the Norman King William the Conqueror, who was also a Viking descendant.

These men and women will blaze new paths as they fight for survival in an ever-changing and evolving Europe.

Executive producer Michael Hirst commented: 'I am beyond excited that we are announcing the continuation of our 'Vikings' saga. I know that the millions of our fans across the globe will be thrilled by the belief being shown in our show by MGM and Netflix. Jeb Stuart, a truly wonderful writer, will bring new storylines and a powerful visceral vision to stories about some of the most famous Vikings known to history. And, on a personal note, I am so happy that we are returning to Ireland and Ashford Studios in glorious County Wicklow, which has been our home for the last eight years.

'Our Irish crew, in my opinion, is the best and most professional crew in the world. And it has been a particular joy to me, shared with my producer Morgan O'Sullivan, that we have been able to give continuous employment to many hundreds of Irish men and women. Ireland is well known for its support of writers and drama and 'Vikings' has benefited, and will now continue to benefit, from both that cultural and financial support. Making a great show isn't a mechanical activity, it's a human one.'

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