Tuesday 21 November 2017

Works completed at St Crispin's cell path

St Crispin’s Cell
St Crispin’s Cell

Footway works are complete at St Crispin's Cell, almost two years since they began.

Works to improve access way from Redford park laneway are underway.

The project was stalled first by weather, and then by a fire at the Greystones Municipal District Depot.

The fire occurred in October 2016. The materials were outside the building itself. The fire spread and caused some damage to the depot wall.

The cladding on the outside of the back wall was burned, with extensive damage to the outside.

Insurance proceedings were then completed and the council acquired more materials. However, they had to wait for the spring to start work again.

The second section of footway at St Crispin's had not yet been started when the fire occurred. The materials were damaged beyond use in the incident.

Works to the footway began in October 2015. Poor weather hampered completion as the ground was too wet to bring machinery onto the site without churning up the areas.

The District Engineer also didn't have an exact timeline for the works as this was the first time they had carried out this type of project.

The works involved placing infill on the ground to fill in humps and hollows, before using plastic paving then covered with gravel.

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