Monday 11 December 2017

Small contracts allowed for flood protection work

THE OPW has agreed to let Bray Town Council prepare to work on the flood protection works as a series of small contracts.

Town engineer Mark Devereux said that he can't give a definite time frame for completion but would think around one or two years.

He said that the advantage to the council doing its own project management is being able to schedule works as they go.

He said the OPW has acknowledged its commitment to the scheme which was suspended when contractors SIAC left the site last year after going in to examinership.

He said that upcoming works will include securing the site at La Vallee and doing the wall at Ravenswell Road.

Mr. Devereux said that the inclusion of a footbridge along the Dargle would be from a different stream of funding from the NRA. He said that the funding, which was previously available, may not be anymore.

The opportunity was not taken before because the flood protection works were going ahead.

He added that while there is a benefit in terms of flood protection because of works carried out he would be reluctant to quantify that benefit.

Bray People

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