Wednesday 13 December 2017

Ryan suggests coastal walk from Bray beach to Shankill

The view from Bray Harbour back towards Shankill
The view from Bray Harbour back towards Shankill

A possible future coastal walk from Bray to Shankill could be referred to the Community Cultural and Social Development for implementation.

The suggestion was raised by Cllr John Ryan in a notice of motion. He said that such a walk would be in line with developing some coastal protection.

'A coastal walk would be a fantastic amenity,' said Cllr Ryan, who said that there is a problem in the area regarding the old dump.

Cllr Stephen Matthews said that the Director of Services in the Environment Department could be included, as they are working on coastal erosion with Dun Laoghair.

'This is an area that could come up in discussions with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown,' said Cllr Pat Vance. 'They were there until half one this morning working on a local plan for that particular area. We could have told them they shouldn't have bothered because we'll be taking it over shortly!'

Cllr Vance said that Cllr Ryan would probably agree that it's a difficult task because of Woodbrook golf club, and a huge amount of erosion at the cliffs. 'It's probably doable. It would be a great opportunity,' said Cllr Vance.

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