Saturday 16 December 2017

Range of works going on around the district

Footpaths at Victoria Road from Church Road to the fire station have been completed, according to a report given by the district engineer.

Work has started on a poor section of footpath in Applewood Heights and La Touche Park.

A new footpath in Racefield, Newcastle, is being constructed.

This is to provide a safe pedestrian link for the properties on Oaklawn View to the village centre. This has been completed apart from permanent pedestrian guardrails to be installed.

Bollards have been installed along the length of the on-road cycle tracks on the Blacklion Bypass.

The engineer reported that there has been a marked improvement in driver and pedestrian behaviour in the area.

Members heard that with regard to Beechwood Park flooding, a property owner where a manhole has been located in the rear of their property is still obstructing works from progressing to raise the manhole cover.

The engineer Ruairi O'Hanlon said that this is necessary for further investigation to take place.

A CCTV survey of the Kilcoole middle catchment from Main Street in the vicinity of the church through Beechwood Park, Bayview Close, Rockmanor Drive, and Carrig Mór through to Lott Lane, discharging to the stream east of Lott Lane, is ongoing.

Mr O'Hanlon said that a new walk along footpath street sweeper has been acquired and put into operation on Greystones Church Road and seafront areas.

This is to try to cope with the loss of the Gateway staff, with that scheme having come to an end.

Road sweeping is being done two days a week, and gulley cleaning one day a week regularly, and when required at trouble spots.

Another two strips and footpaths have been constructed at Redford cemetary to cater for this year.

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