Saturday 18 August 2018

International tastes

Ronoke Arongundade and her helpers demonstrating drumming and crafts
Ronoke Arongundade and her helpers demonstrating drumming and crafts
Kamil Mazur, Szymon Kowalczyk, Anna Kowalczck, Wiktoria Zgrzebnicka, Justyna Zgrebnicka, Dagmara Tomaszewska, Mariola Roszczak, Dorota Tomaszewska and Weronika Roszczak celebrating Polish culture

A multicultural day was held at St Kilian's Community School recently for the students and their parents.

This was the fourth year in a row that the event was held.

The day included foods and drinks that the parents had prepared from different nationalities around the school.

There were tables set up for every country, which filled the room with over 30 tables of food from different cultures that everyone could try.

There are students from even more than 30 countries attending St Kilian's. There were workshops for the students such as bracelet making in the African workshop and face painting organised by students for everyone that visited. Other countries featured on the day included Poland, China, Afghanistan, Japan and many others.

With so many nationalities around St Kilian's, multicultural day each year is very exciting and enjoyable as it brings the school together and it is a chance for everyone to learn something about cultures, and taste foods that they wouldn't normally try.

At the end of the school day there was a concert on in the canteen that included students singing songs from their countries and songs from different cultures.

The whole day was a very big success with so many people visiting the school.

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