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Innovative students in Pres Bray win award


Some of the Pres team display their work.

Some of the Pres team display their work.

Some of the Pres team display their work.


A team of over 30 Pres Bray students between first and fifth year competed at this year's Eco-Unesco Young Environmentalist of the Year Awards, having re-imagined their school in Minecraft.

The group secured their place in the finals of the prestigious competition through a challenging application process where they had to pitch their ideas in a 'Dragon's Den' style forum.

Having reached the finals which were held in the Mansion House, the students began the national leg of their project.

They held impromptu educational interventions with their peers from all over Ireland.

On beanbags, on the ground and on tables the students invited environmentally aware young people from all over the country to re-imagine their school through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The creation of these plans aimed to start others thinking about how they could re-imagine their own school space in more sustainable ways.

Having pitched the work that they did in their own school throughout the year, the group received the award for 'Most Innovative' project. The school is deeply proud of the students.

Their teachers Mr McInerney, Mr Hannon and Mr. Rooney along with Tony Daly from 80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World would like to thank the team for their consistent efforts and energy throughout the year.