Tuesday 12 December 2017

Grace period to increase to 15 minutes for on-street parking

A parking meter on Greystones Main Street
A parking meter on Greystones Main Street

Members will propose that the grace period for parking in Greystones be increased to 15 minutes in the bye-laws.

17 submissions were received requesting extensions of 20, 30 or 40 minutes and also up to one hour.

People also requested first hour free, after 3 p.m. daily, all day Saturday or afternoons, up to 12 midday in car parks, and reduction of cost of parking by 50 per cent.

All of these would reduce the income from parking, officials told the members, and cannot be implemented unless measures are introduced to counteract that cost.

At the moment the period is 10 minutes, which is in place to facilitate going to get change, for example, to pay the metre.

Cllr Tom Fortune showed members a ticket from south Dublin which he got recently, showing a 30 minute grace period.

All members said that their preference would be for a 15-minute period, except for Cllr Fortune who preferred 30 minutes.

If passed by the full council, this would be in place from January 1.

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