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Elizabeth loved gardening, singing and seeing her family



The late Elizabeth Mansfield

The late Elizabeth Mansfield

The late Elizabeth Mansfield

Elizabeth Mansfield was born in Bray, daughter of Bridget and Patrick Hussey, she was one of six children.

She grew up on Oldcourt Road in Bray, got married and had seven children.

She loved gardening and was known for saying 'can I have a snippet of that?' to everyone she saw that had a plant or flower that took her fancy.

She always grew her own fruit and vegetables.

Elizabeth's granddaughter Sorcha said that her earliest memories of her nan would be of her making pot loads of jam from the raspberries in the garden.

She had an obsession with the colour lilac and purple and had to have everything in that colour.

She loved knitting blankets,baby cardigans and (much to Sorcha's misfortune, she said!) ponchos and jumpers.

Elizabeth loved her 18 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

She would always be the best host of sleepovers where they would have to pretend to be asleep as she sang to them for what felt like hours.

Elizabeth always knew what she wanted and how exactly everything should be, she was stubborn and had no filter.

She loved singing and made the grandchildren put on a concert for her in her front sitting room weekly.

For St Patrick's day and Mother's Day she got her daughter to put up videos of her singing on Facebook and she was delighted with all the views and comments, reading them hourly with her magnifying glass.

She wanted Sorcha to buy her a crown for her next song, the Rose of Tralee, sadly she never got the chance to do so.

Elizabeth turned 90 in hospital on May 11.

She was due to be released just two days later. She sadly passed away on the day of her birthday, without her family around her due to Covid-19 restrictions.

She was in hospital for almost three weeks and her family got constant phone calls wanting updates of what was happening at home as she hated missing any excitement.

Elizabeth never left Bray in almost 90 years and she will be sorely missed by all her family and the town.

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