Saturday 19 January 2019

Dr Moody's healthy eating tips

Dr Moody
Dr Moody
The audience had lots of suggestions for healthy meals

Mary Fogarty

Boys and girls made their way to Bray Library recently to see Dr Moody and his friends and learn about healthy eating.

With mad chefs, a bad guy, and wacky wizards among the puppet show's colourful and funny characters, the children learned that they should eat more of the foods that are good for them, less of the foods that are not, and take more exercise.

Young people from first to fourth class were invited to attend the show.

In the 35-minute performance, little Charlie is constantly getting colds and generally feeling below par. He goes to see Dr Moody, who explains about healthy eating and living and tells him that a 'food expert' will be in school that day to give them a talk about healthy eating.

Unfortunately the 'expert' is the horrible Mushey McSplodger, the MD of Nearly Ral Foods Ltd, who tells them all sorts of nonsense and tries to get the kids to eat his terrible food.

However, the teacher, Ms Guerin-Hockedy, is having none of it and she gets her uncle Barty, the wizard, to come to the school and make McSplodger tell the truth. Then she brings Dr Moody and his friend Jeffe El Cheffe (the famous Spanish chef) in to explain to the children what they should really be doing.

The show was great fun and yet clearly communicated all the key messages in a positive and memorable way.

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