Wednesday 24 January 2018

Concern over Delgany plan

Robin Farrelly, Anthony Farrelly, Keith Grant and Padraig Farrelly of Farrelly’s Butchers.
Robin Farrelly, Anthony Farrelly, Keith Grant and Padraig Farrelly of Farrelly’s Butchers.

Mary Fogarty

A meeting regarding proposed road plans for Delgany will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Horse and Hound at 8 p.m.

Farrelly's butchers in Delgany has said that the introduction of a one-way system would be a hammer blow to business from which it might not recover.

However, it emerged at an initial meeting with the business community and Delgany Community Council last week that there are other options available, including parking on both sides of the street in the village.

'Our shop has been here since 1958, we were born here, we grew up here, Delgany is and always will be our home. Since we were kids we have seen Delgany change immensely with the building of houses and development of lands we used to play in as kids,' said the local butchers in a statement. 'We have fought through numerous hard times and recessions in our time here, yet we fear this could be the one which closes our doors for good.'

They said that four separate households rely on the shop as their sole source of income.

Plans for a one-way system in the village are among a number of drafts prepared by Wicklow County Council.

Anthony Farrelly of Farrelly's butchers said that the initial meeting was 'very cordial' and this week's follow-up is an information session for the entire community. He added that whatever works may emerge will not begin until next summer at the earliest.

Cllr Grainne McLoughlin said: 'I gave the plans to the community council to review and for them to discuss with residents, business interests and the general community. They reverted to me and the council to state that there was a preference in a one-way system.'

Cllr McLoughlin said nothing has been approved or passed and a 'full and vigorous' public consultation period will happen before anything gets approval.

Election candidate Ian McGahon said that he is concerned about the proposals. He said that local residents and businesses have not been consulted.

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