Sunday 19 November 2017

'Beach bear' sculpture to be unveiled in Greystones

THE 'Beach Bear' will make an appearance in Greystones soon with the sculpture designed by Patrick O'Reilly personally commissioned by Caroline Dwyer-Hickey's family.

Helen O'Sullivan-Dwyer always admired O'Reilly's work. The family members felt that the teddy bear carrying a bucket-and-spade would suit the seaside town very well.

As Caroline was a teacher, her family also wanted her to be remembered by something which children in the area would enjoy.

The unique one-off piece was specially created for the site by the renowned artist. The moults were made and the work fabricated in Patrick O'Reilly's studio and foundry in central France.

The piece was transported from France and will be unveiled within two weeks. It weighs around two tons and is made of solid bronze.

'It is such an honour to be requested to make a sculpture inspired by Caroline,' said Patrick. 'It is also a wonderful opportunity to be given the chance to place a piece of my work in such a spectacular location. My wish is that the residents and visitors to Greystones enjoy this piece and that in some small way it makes their day a little brighter.'

'This beautiful gift to the people of Greystones from the family of Caroline Dwyer-Hickey is an incredibly generous contribution to the coastal amenity of our town both in terms of a visual teat and also in terms of its appeal to the human spirit.'

He said that the bear has been associated with warmth and strength, qualities which Caroline had in abundance.

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