Wednesday 24 January 2018

Barber Shop History of Bray

'A Barber Shop History of Bray' is now available on DVD from a number of locations around the town.

The Executive Barber Shop occupies the front room of an old townhouse on the Florence Road in Bray.

From the outside it is an ordinary barber's shop, run by the gregarious Tommy McNulty. Tommy has a fondness for old photographs and the walls of his shop have over the years become home to them.

As a result, they have also become a fascinating pictorial history of Bray and that is what this documentary sets out to capture - not the history of Bray, just a modest history gleaned from the walls of an unassuming barber's shop.

Fimmakers Don Rorke and David Ryan have now issued the film on DVD. It can be purchased in The Harbour Bar, The Mermaid, Bray Tourist Office, Executive Barbers and Jim Doyles, as well as Deveney's Newsagents, Coffee and Treates, the Esplanade Hotel and the Town Hall Bookshop.

Other businesses in the town may be stocking the film in due course.

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