Sunday 18 March 2018

Volunteer Paul a successful graduate of teen programme

Paul Cheevers
Paul Cheevers

Former drug addict Paul Cheevers now volunteers in Tiglin as much as he can having successfully come through the Teen Challenge programme there.

Paul who is originally from Old Court in Bray now lives in Marine Road, Greystones said he started the Teen Challenge programme in 2009 to deal with his 20-year addiction.

Describing himself as a 'broken down drug addict' Paul said was on methadone at the time but despite this managed to keep up the appearance of normality – holding down a job and being a father. However, breaking point for him came in 2009 and he 'just wanted to get clean' and following the programme in Tiglin is now completely methadone and heroin free and is after turning his life around.

'I was always so full of anger, full of failure. I was a guy who was strung out on heroin and trying to bring up kids. Inside I was still a young boy and the more I thought about that time the more drugs I did.'

Paul (40) was in Tiglin for 19 months and said, 'Thank God for it. During the programme everything in my life changed. I saw a psychotherapist there because I had so much anger and resentment. For me it was a journey of self discovery.

'Now I have my family back – I'm a proper dad now, a proper upstanding man. I always loved my kids to bits but now I know how to love them', he said.

Paul who is so thankful to Tiglin now volunteers there as much as he can. 'I like to give back,' he said.

Having come through the programme Paul said, 'I know who I am now and I know where I'm going. I have hope now which I never had before. I have learnt a new way of life. I have learnt that there is plenty out there for me.'

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