Saturday 25 November 2017


Abolition of all 80 Town Councils in the country, with corresponding drop in the number of local authorities from 114 to 31

500 staff redundancies, bringing estimated savings of €45 million per year

Town Councils to be replaced by new Municipal Districts. Councillors to be elected simultaneously to the Municipal District and County Council.

At least five members to be elected to each Municipal District.

The number of regional authorites to be cut from ten to three, with the number of councillors serving on them to be cut from 270 to 62.

Salary and expenses payments to all councillors to be reduced.

Councillors will only be allowed to attend conferences if given permission by a special body.

Councillors will no longer be allowed to overturn planning decisions made by officials.

Each Council to set its own property tax rate, with the money ringfenced for local services.

A new Independent National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC) to scrutinise local government performance and efficiency.

Local Authority managers will be renamed Chief Executives, and will be answerable to elected members.

Role and functions of the elected council to be widened.

A new website,, to be established to allow the public report issues regarding roads, lighting, environmental matters, etc. Responses to be issued within two working days.

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