Tuesday 26 March 2019

Take the time to regroup and 'reboot'

Calodagh McCumiskey - Wellbeing & Meditation

At times - you may notice you are not feeling quite as good as you have in the past or would like to feel. You wonder, there must be more to this?

The formula for what satisfies you mind, body and spirit is not fixed. What inspires and impassions you at 18 is different at 80 and perhaps even 28. Life has different stages and priorities change, sometimes evolving slowly and sometimes a sudden event or shift in perception changes everything.

The need to reset like we do when the computer jams comes to us all. The feeling of being stuck is uncomfortable. You feel irritable and fly off the handle more easily. Sleep patterns are affected. You feel disconnected to those around you. You are not excited to get out of bed or for what the day will bring.

We need to be pushed to dig deeper. Doubt, anger, sadness, bitterness … all negative thoughts can be drivers of very positive change. Change rarely comes without discomfort or pain. Confusion always becomes before clarity of a new vision.

Here are 9 steps to help you reboot your life.

1. The first step to changing anything is to accept where you are. When we do not accept we make change more difficult. No matter what it looks like, accept it. Understand and explore and engage with what you are feeling.

2. Act … Do not Distract. When we feel uncomfortable, we have a tendency to distract with something that temporarily feels good but does not change the underlying problem.

3. Look at what makes you happy and plan and do more of it in your life. Spending time on what you value and feel is important always gives meaning and paves the way for joy and development of your unique talents.

4. Avoid Comparison …. Sometimes we are happy with what we have and then we hear someone else got more or less and that changes how we feel. When we do this, we are giving the key for our happiness lock to someone or something else. Always set your own standard for yourself.

5. Be happy with the small wins . A one percent improvement in any area of your life on a daily basis leads to a 3800 percent improvement at the end of the year. Consistent gradual change is shown to be more effective and gives big results.

6. Daily Meditation and Mindfulness are great habits to support self-connection, reflection and change. You connect with the present and are in touch with how you feel. As you give your mind a work out, you make it strong, balanced and flexible so you can easily change how you are. The happiest people are not those that have the best of everything, they are those that make the best of everything. Different types of practices suit different people. Find one that works for you.

7. If you want to change your life, change your environment. Move things around or change the mood and colours of your home or office. It is much easier to look at things differently, when your environment is different.

8. Change your habits. Get up early. Go different places. Travel. And Let go of what is no longer serving you.

9. Build a few minutes of self-reflection into your day. How was it? Look at the positives and create more of them.

If you are feeling the need to regroup or reboot, take time today to start the process. Sit down for 5 minutes, reflect curiously and take action. And enjoy.

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