Thursday 24 January 2019

Simone is through to finals of Unislimmer of the Year

Bray woman's amazing four-stone weight loss

After: Simone Daly following her weight loss
After: Simone Daly following her weight loss
Before: Simone prior to losing four stone

Mary Fogarty

Bray woman Simone Daly is feeling on top of the world, after beating post-natal depression, losing four stone, and transforming her life.

Simone (26) is one of 10 finalists for the title of Unislimmer of the Year to be judged by snapchatter and back stage reporter James Patrice and MD of Unislim, Fiona Gratzer, today, Wednesday, October 3.

After the birth of her second child, Simone suffered very badly with post-natal depression and, because of it, she didn't care about her weight. It never entered her head that the two were connected.

Simone just wanted to stay in her house all day and not see anyone. While she would always tell people she was fine, she wasn't.

She had had a difficult pregnancy and learning that her daughter had a cleft palate and was deaf in one ear, had completely thrown her.

Simone visited her doctor and was prescribed anti-depressants for a short time. She decided to join her local Unislim class and this completely changing her life.

'I never struggled with my weight growing up and never really thought I would put on weight. I figured, if I did put on a few pounds, I'd get it off very quickly, but that wasn't the case. My weight started to creep on after the birth of my second baby,' said Simone.

Over four stone lighter, Simone now loves to exercise and gets out walking five days a week. When dinner is done, she meets her sister Jade, who has also lost five stone with Unislim, and they go for a walk. She sees it as her therapy.

'I used to love chipper food, especially at the weekend, but now I'd rather make my own homemade burger and homemade chips,' said Simone, who is more mindful now about what she eats.

'Chocolate would have been my weakness, but now I know I can still enjoy it as a treat - I just don't tuck in all the time.

'I feel so good about myself now and I love to go shopping and try on new clothes. My weight loss has had an incredible knock-on effect on my confidence and my life in general. I am happier in my own skin than ever before.

'People around me have noticed my confidence growing. I don't feel like I am hiding in the background anymore. Now I feel I can say what I feel or put myself forward for things,' she said.

'I feel so good about myself now and I love to go shopping and try on new clothes. I feel unstoppable!'

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