Monday 23 April 2018

New walkway at Murrough

A 7.6 km walkway was launched at the Murrough on Wednesday morning and will act as a lasting legacy marking Wicklow's participation last year in the Healthy Towns Initiative.

The Slí na Sláinte walk can be walked in full or in two alternative routes.

Wicklow Town Council set aside €5,000 for the walkway after the town was selected by the Irish Times and Pfizer as the 'Healthy Town' 2013. The 8 week programme was in its second year and combined health promotion events, information meetings and physical activity sessions to encourage people in Wicklow town to improve their health.

At the launch Wicklow Mayor, Malcolm Earls, said the 'Mayor's Walk' was part of Wicklow Town Council's commitment to the Healthy Towns programme.

'The Irish Heart foundation does amazing work in promoting good health. With approximately 10,000 people a year dying from cardiovascular disease - it is vital that people are encouraged to undertake exercise. The Sli Na Slainte Walk is a fun way of exercising for people of all exercise capabilities.'

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