Saturday 16 December 2017

Maxi Zoo donate 100 dog coats to help unwanted pets stay warm

Dozens of unwanted dogs received a free coat from Maxi Zoo to help them stay warm this winter.

The store donated 100 coats to Dogs Trust to ensure that animals in the care of the charity are protected from the wet and chilly weather.

Maxi Zoo, which has 15 stores nationwide, made the generous donation on the suggestion of its in-store pet experts as part of a nationwide project to provide a total of 2,000 dog coats worth approximately €160,000 to charities throughout the country.

'A dog's breed, age, size and state of health affect how well it can withstand cold. Not every dog is robust and the slender breeds can freeze quite easily,' said Alice Cross, Executive Director of Maxi Zoo Ireland.

'A lot of dog breeds are originally from warmer climates and need protection in cold seasons. Their hair is often not thick enough to insulate their bodies so it made perfect sense for us to donate dog coats.'

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