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Justine O'Mahony: Johnny and Amber need to take some lessons in Irish stoicism



Justine O'Mahony

Justine O'Mahony

Justine O'Mahony

If there's one thing my mother taught me growing up it's not to wash your dirty linen in public. It's an Irish thing really isn't it? Most of us grew up knowing that one of the worst crimes you could commit is making a show of yourself or your family.

You'd get a belt of the wooden spoon if you made a show of yourself by rowing on the street with your siblings or telling stories about something that happened behind closed doors. It's like when mourners show an excessive amount of emotion at a funeral. We must be the only nation in the world where you are lambasted for bawling in public at the death of a loved one! Making a show of yourself is just not the done thing. Telling people your problems isn't either. You sort it out amongst yourselves.

I think it's a pity Amber Heard and Johnny Depp didn't inherit a bit of our Irish stoicism isn't it? If you've been following Depp's court case against The Sun newspaper you'll know what I mean. Talk about washing your dirty linen in public?

All week we've heard details of Depp and Heard's dysfunctional and destructive relationship with salacious titbits from the High Court that would shock even the most hardened voyeur.

I don't know who's telling the truth here and actually I don't really care. But wouldn't you think their parents would be absolutely mortified to have such horrific details of their children's private lives splashed all over every media outlet in the world?

And ironically, I would say the only one benefiting from all this attention is The Sun newspaper who is supposed to be 'The Bad Guy'. The case has generated so much publicity for the paper that if even if they lose, they win. No one will ever remember in years to come that this was actually a libel case against a newspaper. They'll only remember unsavoury details of the sick relationship.

As for Amber and Johnny, this is bound to have an impact on their careers, whatever the outcome.

Still, you'd have to wonder - if they'd had the odd belt of the wooden spoon growing up, this might not have happened!

Bray People