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Green light for Chapel Road improvement works


Chapel Road

Chapel Road

Chapel Road

Members approved plans for improvement works to Chapel Road from Delgany to Blacklion at last week's Greystones Municipal District meeting.

The aims of the road improvement scheme include providing improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles and to reduce traffic congestion.

Currently, the road has narrow footpaths, no cycle facilities, and a large roundabout with deflection issues, members heard. The footpath is on just one side of the road.

The upgrade and realignment of the road will by-pass St Laurence's school. Footpaths will be two metres on each side of the road, as will new continuous cycle tracks.

Landowners have been contacted regarding related compulsory purchase orders. There are 30 owners, with areas from one to seven metres.

Members heard that the scheme is subject to funding.

Cllr Derek Mitchell said that these plans have been in the making since 1989.

'I'm delighted we got here,' he said. 'I've wanted this done for many years.

'With four schools there, everything about the road is awful.

'Congratulations to the engineers who designed this,' said Cllr Mitchell, noting that there is a lot of space included for cycling.

He said that the name of the scheme should be changed to incorporate the cycle and footpath aspects, in order to increase funding options.

Cllr Gerry Walsh welcomed the scheme, particularly the cycle and pedestrian measures in what he said has been a very dangerous environment. He asked how long it would take. Officials said that the work would take nine to 12 months, and it would be 12 months really before work could start. The next steps are the detailed design, CPO process and tender documents as well as securing funding.

Cllr Mags Crean said that it is a great development. She enquired about the replacement of trees, wondering if they could not be planted on-site could they be planted elsewhere. Officials said that would certainly be done. Members also heard that a resident suggested using the wood from any trees felled to build something along the scheme.

Cllr Lourda Scott said that it is heartening to hear the work that has gone into the scheme. She asked if there would be easy access from the road to get across to St Laurence's and heard that there will be signalised crossing points.

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