Friday 15 December 2017

The top ten charts this week in 1997


Jim Hayes

The problem of new tracks leaking on the internet before official release dates is not new. Two decades ago, U2's 'Discotheque' found its way to the net at the tail end of 1996.

The leak forced the band to release the lead single from their new album 'Pop' earlier than planned, but it didn't hinder its success: 'Discotheque' reached number one in many countries, including the UK and Ireland, and made top ten in the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.

Despite the band's huge success up to then, this was only their third No. 1 in the UK. To date, U2 have notched up seven number ones in the UK, two in the US and 21 in Ireland.

1 Discotheque U2

2 Where Do You Go No Mercy

3 Clementine Mark Owen

4 Barrel Of A Gun Depeche Mode

5 Ain't Nobody Ll Cool J

6 Don't Let Go (Love) En Vogue

7 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dub Apollo Four Forty

8 Remember Me Blueboy

9 She Makes My Nose Bleed Mansun

10 Novocaine For The Soul Eels

Bray People

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