Monday 22 January 2018

Star Wars trilogy on the big screen

Fans of Star Wars will get a rare chance to see the original - and best - trilogy on the big screen when the Greystones Kids Film Club run a special weekend for Luke, Hans, Vadar and co. at the end of July.

With Disney having recently bought - for $4.05bn - the rights from George Lucas to make more Star Wars movies, now is a perfect time to go back to where this multi-billion-dollar franchise all began.

Happening over the weekend of July 26, A New Hope (1977) screens on the Friday, The Empire Strikes Back on the Saturday and Return Of The Jedi on the Sunday. Each screening starts at 8pm in The Film Appreciation Of Greystones' resident home, The Happy Pear. Admission is €2 or €5 for all three, which includes free treats.

As usual, booking is advised, given that there are only 25 spaces. Further info is available on, through The Film Appreciation Of Greystones Facebook page, or on 087 2848684.

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