Friday 23 March 2018

South African artist exhibits Stone Age art


An emerging South African artist now living in Arklow is set to exhibit his very first unique Stone Age themed artworks in town this summer.

Erik O'Eir has been living in Arklow since 2004 and recently discovered his creative side and passion for Irish Heritage especially the Stone Age which is the inspiration behind his latest works.

Erik's Dendro-Lithic art, is inspired by the animations our Stone-Age ancestors, chiselled into their little-understood, Megalithic Monuments, about 6,000 years ago.

Erik makes the entire finished product, using first-class materials, carved free-hand, and framed in hardwood timber.

Some of the pieces are quite large, while still being of a manageable mass.

Each piece is a bespoke study on an actual pre-historic art-work, with a provenance as an 'address' and the finished products are totally unique.

The exhibition takes place as part of Irish Heritage Week at the Riverside Gallery, Bridgewater Centre from Monday, August 19 to Sunday 25. Admission is free but donations will be accepted in support of Arklow charity Suicide or Survive.

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