Wednesday 16 October 2019

Sea crossing film on RTE

Bray man crossed the Atlantic by rowing boat

Rob Byrne on board the Sara G
Rob Byrne on board the Sara G

Mary Fogarty

Bray man Rob Byrne will feature in the documentary 'One Ocean: No Limits' to air on RTE2 on Sunday, December 14, at 8 p.m.

He was one of a crew of six to spend 33 days, 21 hours and 46 minutes crossing the Atlantic by rowing boat in 2011.

The no-budget film about ocean rowing has enjoyed a series of successful screenings at international festivals.

The 52-minute documentary by Sarah McCann follows two Irish rowers through the highs and lows of rowing completely unsupported as part of a crew of six across the vast Atlantic Ocean from Morocco to Barbados.

This is the first Irish documentary on the subject of the extreme sport of ocean rowing.

From an endurance viewpoint, this feat of crossing the Atlantic by oar is similar to running over 100 marathons, back to back.

The audience sees the record-breaking crew of six men including two English, one Icelandic and one Maltese, on board the Sara G.

The other Irish crew member was Adam Burke from Skerries.

They successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean and broke two world records while doing so.

'One Ocean: No Limits' is a documentary film about an extreme sports triumph - however, at its core, it is a human interest film that charts the experiences of a group of strangers forced into an extraordinary situation in an enclosed space crossing an ocean.

It is a story of human triumph against the odds.

It offers access to sights that very few of us will ever get to experience and shows how determination and the desire to achieve can take a person from a dream to a reality.

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