Tuesday 22 October 2019

Play by Bray writer coming to the Whale

Paul Kealyn and Matthew O’Brien
Paul Kealyn and Matthew O’Brien

The play 'Temptress' will be on in Whale Theatre on Saturday, March 9, at 8pm.

In a remote old house in County Wicklow two troubled men meet. Middle-aged Pete has come to rescue young Noel from his deadly obsession with a Temptress.

But is Pete the rock of sense he claims to be? And does the Temptress really exist only inside Noel's troubled mind.

An audience and critical hit during its first run in 2015, this darkly comic play by international award-winning Bray writer Philip St John is a startling and utterly compelling new take on the Irish ghost story.

Ultimately, the audience relate to either Noel or Pete, the wealthy hipster or the working class man. Two very different lives, yet intertwined by a desperate need for a release. A feeling we've all had a dalliance with in the current economic climate. What appears to be an unconventional ghost story, evolves into something entirely personal to each individual's interpretation.

The play is directed by Matthew Ralli and stars Paul Kealyn and Matthew O'Brien.

Tickets are €20 or €18 concession and available at

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